Eagle 1 CPR

Eagle 1 CPR: This veteran owned and operated company is a Premier American Heart Association Provider of CPR and First Aid Certification Courses. We are dedicated to teaching premium certification courses in a unique non-boring, interactive, military-style, hands on way. We specialize in giving basic and advanced First Aid/CPR classes that are not only War Fighter Field Tested, but also Medically and Publicly approved. We help Families, Companies, and Individuals better prepare for medical emergency situations. We believe that human life is priceless and we see that helping one another is the greatest thing we can do for our community. Because of this, we strive to empower people to help and not freeze up in those situations. All Certifications will be Official American Heart Association Documents The Classes are 100% hands on training They are Practical, Up-Beat, and Fun You have a choice of coming to our beautiful office centrally located in the La Jolla/UTC Area, or you can opt to have our mobile services - and the instructor comes to you. Great for Construction Workers, Healthcare Providers, Sports and Fitness Trainers, Child Care Givers, Nannies, and other Businesses. Please contact me Via Email or Cell phone. Rsarmiento@eagle1cpr.com (619) 846-2452
4445 Eastgate Mall, Suite #200, San Diego, 92121, California, U.S.A.
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Randy Sarmiento
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