AXA Advisors, LLC is a subsidiary of AXA Financial, Inc., a member of the global AXA Group.

James Chadwell is a Financial Consultant and Qualified Plan Specialist in the South Central Division of AXA Advisors in Fairmont, WV.

C. Brent Wilmoth is a Wharton School of Business Retirement Planning Specialist and is an AXA Advisors' Retirement Planning Specialist in Fairmont, WV.


5th Avenue Insurance is an independent insurance agency that has been serving the needs of San Diegans and Southern California for 22 years. We are here to provide you with a friendly and knowledgable staff who will take the time to understand the needs of your family (and/or your business) and match the proper coverage to those needs. Part of understanding those needs is also recommending coverage in areas you may not have identified as a potential risk.


PEOple OneSource is a Professional Employer Organization (PEO) that specializes in making businesses more productive, more efficient and more profitable. PEOple OneSource is a Business Development PEO. We help our clients to increase their revenue as we introduce them to the multi-billion dollar world of Government Contracting.


KPS is a surety bond agency that works heavily with federal contractors. Started in April 2006 we continue to grow develop contractor relationships. became the first Associate member of our organization in 2004. Mr. Archie Garcia is the founder and president of and we welcome his company to our network. is a Veteran owned corporation whose stated purpose is to level the procurement playing field for minority/women/Veteran, disabled Veteran and disadvantaged communities. This is accomplished by providing a state of the art e-procurement solution which enables them to access opportunities through the Internet. also provides vendor outreach in the minority/women/disabled Veteran and disadvantaged communities. will schedule meetings/demos with a variety of organizations representing the interests of these groups of vendors.


The County of San Diego Department of Purchasing and Contracting is responsible for making the purchases of all goods, materials and services for the County. In addition to the purchasing and contracting functions, the Department also provides centralized reutilization and disposal of surplus equipment and salvage materials. The department?s function also includes monitoring specifications to ensure maximum use of competitive acquisitions and the responsibility for ensuring quality standards for commodities and services purchased. The greatest emphasis, however, lies in maintaining excellent customer and vendor service practices.

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As a water wholesaler, the San Diego County Water Authority's mission is to provide a safe and reliable supply of water to its 24 member agencies in the San Diego region. The agencies are represented through the board of directors. A member of the San Diego County Board of Supervisors also serves as a representative to the Water Authority board of directors.